“Look deep into nature & you will understand everything better” - Albert Einstein.
As this quote portraits, the name “Innoviyal'' was derived from the Tamil word ஆய்வியல் (aaiviyal) which means ‘Research’ or ‘Searching deep into nature’.
Innoviyal is an Indian startup that aims to provide creative solutions to address real-world problems. We truly believe that every problem has a viable solution and we, at Innoviyal, are constantly in search of cues and strive for excellence. We find the right problem to solve at the right time by devising feasible and ingenious solutions.

Our Vision

To come up with ideas and build products that play a vital role in enhancing and enriching the lives of many.

Our Mission

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein
Many innovations happen of which only very few cross its boundary to meet the whole world. Hurdles in commercialisation, poor customer satisfaction and over-cost to value meet-up of the product make many innovations less visible to the society. Bringing such innovation to the global market to meet its intended value of creation thereby creating a market for the product and support for the innovator.